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Z-Guard Masterclass DVD by Kit Dale & Craig Jones

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In this exclusive Masterclass, World Champions - Kit and Craig will show you how they utilize the often underrated Z-guard (knee-shield). Both Kit and Craig compete on the biggest stages in jiu jitsu and can claim to be two of Australia's best jiu jitsu practitioners.

In this 90 minute Masterclass, Kit shows his passing techniques, using pressure, movement and timing to help you understand the Z-guard from a passing perspective and finally smash that guy at training that keeps catching you from there.

Craig shows his most effective sweeps and deadly attacks from the bottom. He shows how to take this often defensive position and make it a nightmare for your training partners and opponents. He uses some of the same techniques he used to defeat Leandro Lo and Murilo Santana by submission at the recent ADCC! 

Z-guard Masterclass is divided into GI and NO-GI sections. Both Kit and Craig find success in both disciplines, having qualified for the 2017 ADCC World Championship. This is also the exclusive opportunity to learn some of Craig's devastating heel-hook setups if your fancy practicing the dark arts.