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Wing Tsun Lat Sao Advanced TAOWS Academy with Salvador Sanchez (On Demand)

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"Bamboo Legs, Tofu Body, Steel Hands and Crystal Head". This Kuen Kuit indicates the way in which the Wing Chun practitioner has to defend and attack, being the extreme defense of the central line the fundamental pillar of the practice. A flexible body supported on flexible and fast legs, firm hands and the head absolutely closed after all the armies as the most precious treasure. With these premises, Sifu Salvador Sánchez tackles his fourth DVD, showing the exercises of free movement in the central line, the basic practice of defense and attack of the central line, the Chi Sao or "Sticky Hands" as a way of dominating the Central Line, training on unstable or reduced surfaces, defense exercises against kicks, ground combat applications, takedowns and projections from Chi Sao, Light Sparring / Da Lat Sao, and numerous examples of applications and exercises to protect the central line, a fundamental element in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.


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