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Warrior Silat Vol 1 DVD by Steven Benitez 1


Warrior Silat Vol 1 DVD by Steven Benitez 1

Warrior Silat Vol 1 DVD by Steven Benitez

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Pendekar Steven Benitez is only the western one in reaching the highest degree of Pendekar in Silat, granted by four different Great Teachers in Indonesia. This first DVD of the series constitutes a seminary advanced on the progressive program of the Pencak basic the 6 Silat and includes Langkahs from which you will be able moverte with fluidity, speed and balance; 6 Jurus that includes exercises of vital hands to develop to basic blockades and blows, as well as the capacity to apply these techniques under pressure. After training with Pendekar Benitez, Guro Dan Inosanto said: "I have had the privilege to train with him the Indonesio Art of the Pencak Silat, and recommend extremely to Steven like a capable and dynamic instructor".

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

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