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Triple Guard Submission Vortex by Felipe Pena (On Demand)


Triple Guard Submission Vortex by Felipe Pena (On Demand)

Triple Guard Submission Vortex by Felipe Pena (On Demand)

Michael Zenga

$39.99 USD 

X-Guard, Single Leg X, De la Riva -- Sweeps, back takes, submissions.

In this 2 video set, Felipe teaches you 3 of his most effective guards and how to transition between them: X Guard, Single Leg X Guard and De La Riva Guard. Each is with their own unique powers. Yet so similar, moving from one to the next quickly feels effortless.

So when your opponent begins to escape one guard, you’ve entangled him in the next, and the next. (Pena shows you exactly how to make these transitions.)

And while you’ve got him swirling in your obnoxious vortex of guard play, you can hardly contain your excitement. Because your mouth is watering at…



18 offensive maneuvers in all.

Your poor opponent… at the fist bump, he had no idea he was about to get vacuumed into this vortex of terror.

Like getting sucked into an actual tornado, escape is futile… your opponent doesn’t get out until you and your new Triple Guard Submission Vortex have your way with him and spit him out ON YOUR TERMS!

Can you really do this?

Yes! Because almost every response, every attempt to escape has its price. Felipe shows you exactly how to sweep, take the back or submit from virtually anything your opponent tries to do.

And don’t worry...

Felipe exposes the little details that matter most:

  • key leverage points
  • no-strength tweaks
  • precise angles of attack
  • the superior grips, and more

Here's what's included:

Video 1

-De la Riva to Scissor X Guard Sweep

-Single Leg X Guard Entrance

-Basic Single X Guard Sweep

-Tole Hold from Single X Guard

-Back Roll from Toe Hold

-Calf Slicer from Single X

-Sweep from Single X to Full X Guard Transition

-Foot Lock 

-Knee Bar from X Guard Sweep

-X Guard to Leg Drag to Back Take

Video 2

-Catch a Foot Sweep from DLR

-Single Leg from De la Riva

-Arm Lock from De la Riva

-De la Riva to Single X Sweep

-Back Take from De la Riva

-Back Take Variation from De la Riva

-Bow and Arrow from Back Take

-Knee Bar from Back Take

... everything you need to amplify your Alpha-male dominance when you hit the mats and go to war.

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**You can watch as many times as you want.
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