Tomari-Te Seisan Kyohan DVD by Yoshitomo Yamashiro

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"Kata of Seisan is the technology to fight."
Power to acquire by Seisan, Stance, Move method, Notes of behavior, Bunkai, Principle and Application to weapon are collected.
The talk with Katsunori Kikuno (mixed martial arts) and the precious practice image which played together are also recorded specially.
    • What is KATA? What is Naihanchi? The abyss of a Tomarite curriculum

    • Seisan's role - use COG movements at will

    • Power learned through Seisan

    • Stepping in Seisan Dachi and details

    • Seisan parts and points

    • Basic Bunkai of Seisan

    • Applied Bunkai of Seisan

    • Seisan (Front/Back)

    • Weapon

  • “Use Seisan for the fight” - Practice explanation (Yoshitomo Yamashiro × Katsunori Kikuno)

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 88 min.