The Williams Guard - Set Ups by Shawn Williams (On Demand)

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The long awaited Williams guard instructional is finally here! Shawn Williams breaks down what John Danaher coined, the Williams Guard. In the first part of this series, Shawn gives you a little history and the most important concepts when using the Williams Guard. He also shows you the best set ups to get the Williams Guard so you can mount your offensive.

  1. Intro, Main Concepts and History

  2. The Williams Guard Explained

  3. Key Components of Pummeling

  4. How to Pummel

  5. Effective Pummeling Drill

  6. No set up

  7. Pummel with head control

  8. Pummel with head control - with resistance

  9. Pummel with shin control

  10. Hold shin and bridge

  11. Salsa

  12. Up and Over

  13. Reverse Kimura when opponent is stalling

  14. Switching sides

  15. Hand on Bicep release

  16. Pummel while opponent punches

  17. Punching set up

  18. Bonus

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great stuff!

Great instructional that gives you new options when in guard. You can take people by surprise with this and it works in MMA as well.


I used the info shown here and have gotten success against people who I thought are good fighters.

Value , well paced, good instruction

Do I give this a five , i didn't give it to galvo but it should have. I am getting more comfortable . Good value ,well paced. good from many views. He tells you what he said he would with no smoke. Give Galvo a five for me. Keith