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Takemusu Aiki DVD 1 with Hitohiro Saito 1


Takemusu Aiki DVD 1 with Hitohiro Saito 1

Takemusu Aiki DVD 1 with Hitohiro Saito


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Son of Morihiro Saito teaches Iwama style Aikido in this instructional DVD. Contents include:

Tai no Henko
Morote-dori Kokyu-nage
Shomen-uchi Ikkyo
Yokomen-uchi Nikyo
Yokomen-uchi Sankyo
Yokomen-uchi Yonkyo
Yokomen-uchi Gokyo Ura-waza
Shomen-uchi Kokyu-nage
Suwari-waza Kokyu-ho 1
Katate-dori Shiho-nage
Yokomen-uchi Shiho-nage
Muna-dori Kote-gaeshi
Katate-dori Kote-gaeshi
Katate-dori Irimi-nage
Shomen-uchi Irimi-nage
Yokomen-uchi Irimi-nage
Suwari-waza Kokyu-ho 2

Language: Japanese

Run time: 57 min.

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