Systema Rebooted DVD by Ryoichi Onishi

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A training system developed by Russian Special Forces to help the body and mind survive in difficult situations.

Ryoichi Onishi is the first Japanese certified instructor and will carefully teach the "essence of Systema".

This DVD can be used to understand the true relaxation that can be used in all situations, not just martial arts.


■ Pour in relaxation
■ Search for output method
■ Work with the source of movement
■ Use your condition for physical operations
■ Exploration in physical manipulation
■ Use for mental and physical health
■ Possibility in practice

About the instructor:

After studying kendo, karate, judo, and Bujinkan martial arts, he discovered Systema. After becoming the first Japanese certified instructor in 2007, he headed Systema Osaka. Currently, he also conducts seminar guidance not only in Japan but also in Asia and Europe as dispatched by the Systema headquarters. He is one of the instructors trusted by the founders Michael and Vladimir.

Language: Japanese

Length: 103 min.