Super Grappling Techniques Vol 3 DVD by Shinya Aoki

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Dream MMA champion Shinya Aoki is back with the 3rd installment of his Super Grappling Techniques series.
1: Attacks from the mount
-Getting the mount
-Armbar from the mount
-Armbar from the mount variation
-Kata gatame (arm triangle)
-Triangle choke
-Foot choke (Gogoplata)
-Tekubi gatame
-Leg clutch (Aoki mount)
-Leg clutch (figure 4)
2: Attacks from the back
-Hook position 1
-Hook position 2
-Tasuki position 1
-Tasuki position 2
-Rear naked choke 1
-Rear naked choke 2
-Choke to facelock
-Choke variation
-Armbar from the back
-Triangle from the back
-Triangle variation
-Arm triangle from the back
-Figure 4 clutch (mma mount)
-Leglock from the back
3:  Leg attacks
-Achilles lock basics
-Achilles lock counters
-Leg locks

Bonus features:
Akira Kikuchi techniques
Mizuho Hirota techniques
Language: Japanese 
Run time: 115 min.