Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu 12 DVD Set by John Funk (Preowned)

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Volume 1: BUNG BO & NG LONG GWUN - In this DVD, Sifu Funk teaches the form Bung Bo (Crushing Step). Funk emphasizes sticking and adhering, combination throws and close-range applications. Ng Long Gwun (Fifth Son Staff) is a long staff form that can be split into two shorter forms.

Volume 2: BAAG YUNE DUNG & YEEN TSING DO - This intermediate form (White Ape Exits the Cave) emphasizes throwing techniques and grappling and striking techniques. The broadsword form (Green Swallow) teaches basic sword techniques, parries and lightning fast combinations.

Volume 3: FAY NGAAN DZERNG & YEE LOI MUI FAA TSERNG - The two advanced forms in this DVD includes the Flying Goose Palm form with its unpredictable broken rhythm, and Second Route Plum Flower Spear.

Volume 4: BUCK YUEN TOW TOE & SEVEN STAR BASICS - Learn one of the most popular mantis forms plus effective applications. Sifu Funk also teaches all the necessary basics to properly learn the unique Seven Star system. Step-by-step instruction.

Volume 5: ADVANCED PRAYING MANTIS TECHNIQUES - This invaluable DVD covers the intricacies of Seven Star self-defense including: The reaction distance line system, the science of hand trapping, effective pressure point tactics such as distractions and no strength pressure points and devastating joint locks.

Volume 6: MAY FOW KUEN (Plum Flower Form) - Advanced Seven Star form (Plum Flower) is taught with precise explanations of the intricate movements. Applications for each techniques used in the form are explained.

Volume 7: SAM LOW CHET YUE (Third Route Essence Form) - The advanced training continues with this intricate form (Third Route Essence). As with his other DVDs, the unique movements are explained by Sifu Funk for their full self-defense potential.

Volume 8: TONG LONG TOU TOE (Praying Mantis steals the Peach) - This advanced form was Wong Long's favorite hand set.

Volume 9: TONG LONG TSUUD DUNG (Praying Mantis exits the Cave) - A rare, highly sought after, advanced form.

Volume 10: LAW HON GUNG (Praying Mantis Chi Kung) - Shaolin breathing exercises; Praying Mantis Iron Palm, open palm fighting applications. These are all essential techniques to master advanced Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

Volume 11: PRAYING MANTIS FIGHTING APPLICATIONS - Sticky Hand Drills and applications; Sparring Drills and fighting strategies. Learn how to use the Praying Mantis movements for lightning fast self-defense.

Volume 12: ADVANCED MANTIS TRAINING DRILLS & SITUATIONAL SELF-DEFENSE SKILLS - Sifu Funk covers 2 man training drills & uses Seven Star theory for effective defense.

About the instructor:

Sifu John Funk has over 50 years of martial arts experience and is a direct 8th generation descendant in the Wong Hon Fun clan from the founder of Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu Wong Long.

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