Ryukyu Kobujutsu Buki Jutsu Vol 2 DVD with Kiyoshi Yogi

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For this intermediate volume, Volume 2, presenting a selection of basic techniques that were introduced in Volume 1. Bojutsu,Saijutsu,Tonfa and Tekko Jutsu.In Bojutsu,in the first volume, the punch was just a punch, but in this intermediate level, put the hip into it. In Saijutsu,From the initial Kokutsu Dachi Shuto no Kamae, switch and do Zenkutsu Shuto Gedan Uchi to the Neko Ashi Dachi Chudan Jun Zuki, step in, and Migi Chudan Seiken Zuki, it can be said that these repeated movements are characteristic of this Kata. In Tonfa,It’s said that this name is taken from a tool or millstone.Their operation is adapted from empty-hand movements - there are blocking, punching, turning, and striking movements, and much difficult training is required. In Tekko Jutsu,in this case, they’re mainly held squeezed in the hand like this, but here they’re held open.The reason is that the Tekko are weapons, so they shouldn’t be dropped. They’re held with the thumbs and the open little fingers of both hands so as not to be dropped.This way of holding them with the fingers open is a Tekko Jutsu posture.
Chapters include:
Bo Jutsu Bo Jutsu Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements)
Bo no Kata "Sakugawa no Kon(Sho)
Kata no Bunkai
Bo no Kata "Shushi no Kon(Dai)
Kata no Bunkai

Sai Jutsu
Sai no Kata "Chatan-yara no Sai"
Kata no Bunkai

Tonfa no Reiho
Tonfa no Mochi Kata (Way of holding the Tonfa)
Tonfa no Hojo Undo (Supplementary Exercises)
Tonfa no Kata "Hamahiga no Tonfa"
 Kata no Bunkai

Tekko Jutsu
  Tekko Jutsu no Reiho
Tekko Jutsu no Kamae
Tekko Jutsu no Hojo Undo(Supplementary Exercises)
Tekko Jutsu no Kata "Maezato no Tekko"
Kata Explanation
Kata no Bunkai

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 81 min.

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