Philippine Combative Arts Series 11 DVD Set by Ernesto A. Presas

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Complete Set of the Philippine Combative Arts Series by Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas 

DVD 1: Single Baton (Solo Baston): Traditional Sword Techniques Translated to Single Sticks. In this video you will progress quickly from basic footwork into combative sword and stick techniques that are renowned the world over. Classical single stick movements (Sunkite) as well as striking combinations, disarming, locking, and take-downs. (50 min.)

DVD 2: Double Baton (Doble Baston): Combative Double Stick Techniques. Utilizing both right & left hand blocking, striking, disarming, & siniwalis. Double Baston is one of the keys to understanding the Philippine Combatant System. 

DVD 3: Sword and Knife (Espada y Daga): Combative Knife & Sword Applications. The Espada Y Daga (Sword & Knife) binds the classical with the modern for a weapon combination that is incredibly supple yet powerful. When you master the movements in the video you will understand why. 

DVD 4: Force to Force (Doblete & Doblada): Doblete & Doblada are the techniques that many Filipino freedom fighters used to defend their beliefs, honor, homelands, & family. Prepare yourself to feel the combative strength of movements that has survived for centuries. 

DVD 5: Staff (Bankaw): Practice consists of partner drills with zoning & footwork, 8 strikes, & disarming combinations. Viewing this video allows you the opportunity to see examples of 7 twirling techniques that if used in combination with striking, disarming, & blocking will make you extremely effective. (42 min.) 

DVD 6: Police Techniques: Grandmaster Ernesto Presas brings his extensive experience teaching combat techniques to the Military and Police Academies in the Philippines. This video will reveal to you practical self-defense and disarming methods for realistic street-fighting scenarios. You will learn effective strategies for dealing with an opponent armed with a knife or gun, as well as specific drills for baton and knife fighting. 

DVD 7: Umbrella (Sungkiti thrusts): Sungkiti is the thrust. In this video, Grandmaster Ernesto Presas reveals to you the methods underlying single and double stick combat. You will learn different striking patterns, accompanied by useful drills, as well as techniques for twirling and thrusting. Not only that, sungkiti will show you how to apply these methods at long range and short range, plus how to use them for knife fighting. Also including twirling, defensive blocking and counter striking of the Umbrella style (Hirada). 

DVD 8: Knife Fighting (Daga sa Daga): Daga comes from the Spanish word for dagger. This is the famous and deadly method of Philippine knife fighting. Grandmaster Ernesto Presas takes you from the basics movements, stances and holding techniques of daga, all the way into advanced techniques. You will learn drills for knife against knife, as well as palitan (give and take) of daga and sticks, plus how to deal with a knife fighter when you are unarmed. 

DVD 9: Hand-to-Hand Combat (Mano-mano): Mano means hand. This video will show you the lethal methods behind Philippine hand-to-hand combat. Grandmaster Ernesto Presas will teach you twenty striking techniques of mano-mano, as well as fighting applications and take down techniques. You will see the methods that Filipinos call palit palit, or give and take, and learn how to apply it to combat. 

DVD 10: 12 Baton Strikes Presas Style (Kembatan Solo): Here are the Kombatan solo baston (single stick) techniques, favorites of Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. Not only will you learn the twelve striking techniques, this video shows you six blocking techniques, the give and take of palitan, various sinawalis (weaving patterns) and several practical fighting methods such as butting, catching and disarming. You will even see how one baston can go against two bastons. This is a vital style to witness on your path to stick fighting mastery.

DVD 11: Small Rod (Dos Puntos & Dulo-dulo)

Ernesto A. Presas Sr. was born in the coastal town of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental on 1945-05-20. At age 8 he began his martial arts training under his father, Jose Presas, a well known escrima practitioner at that time. He went on to be an athlete in his college years, participating in various sports. His training in the martial arts is eclectic, having studied judo, jujutsu, karate, and various forms of Filipino and Japanese weaponry. He was Lakan Sampu (10th Dan) in arnis and Mano Mano (hand-to-hand combat) and Lakan Walo (8th Dan) in Philippine Weaponry.

Remy Presas recognized that the classical arts of their country were losing their appeal and therefore slowly dying. He modernized the native arts into an effective fighting system that would be appealing to martial arts students living in modern Filipino society and called it Modern Arnis. His dream to re-introduce the native arts led to the development of Modern Arnis. 

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Philippine Combative Arts Series 11 DVD Set by Ernesto A. Presas


Philippine Combative Arts Series 11 DVD Set by Ernesto A. Presas