Pangai Noon Karate DVD 4: Weapon Arts by Shinyu Gushi

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This fourth part of the Pangai Noon Uechi karate series begins with the advanced kata Sanseru and continues with karate weapons training. Although principally an unarmed art, karate also encompasses the use as weapons of implements that once formed part of the daily lives of Okinawans. Wielded by a skilled practitioner they add a new dimension to karate techniques. The staff can be used to strike, thrust, and ward off an armed assailant; the oar's blade delivers a powerful, focussed blow, and can also be used to throw sand in the face of an enemy to distract or blind him; the metal sai is employed offensively by striking and thrusting, and defensively by blocking and trapping. As the author shows, even the hair ornament or jiffa, worn by all Okinawan men until the latter part of the 19th century, can be used as a device to augment the power of karate techniques.

This Program Includes:
Sanseru; Seijun No Bo; Akacchu Eku; Matsugawa no Sai; Jiffa.