Pangai Noon Karate DVD 3: Advanced Kata by Shinyu Gushi

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Shinyu Gushi, 9th Dan, began his study of Pangai Noon Uechi karate in the early fifties with instructors Saburo Uehara, Seiyu Shinjo, and Kanei Uechi, the son of the founder of Pangai Noon Uechi karate. A half century later he maintains the tradition of teaching individuals or small groups of students in private, believing that authentic karate should not be influenced by the need to attract students, or other commercial considerations. The art he teaches is undeniably ancient, its roots stretching back to 19th century China, and beyond. Pangai Noon Uechi is a martial art in the true sense of the word. Powerful, effective, and devoid of any hint of sporting endeavor, it is shown here in its original, unadulterated form by this highly respected teacher.

This Program Includes:
Kata: Seiru, Kanchin, and Seisan with applications.