Muay Thai Clinch DVD with Malaipet

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Being able to enter, attack from,  and escape the clinch are some of the most important skills a Muay Thai or MMA fighter needs to know. Now let Muay Thai champion Malaipet show you how to master the clinch!
Closing The Distance
Defense against a punch: Jab
Defense against a punch: Hook
Defense against a punch: Uppercut
Defense against a knee
Defense against a low kick
Defense against a mid kick
Defense against a high kick
Knee Attack while closing

Into the Clinch
Offensive Head and Neck Control - Pull Down
Offensive Head and Neck Control - Knees
Offensive Head and Neck Control - Throw #1
Offensive Head and Neck Control - Throw #2
Offensive Head and Neck Control - Elbow
Head Neck Control Defense - Setup
Head Neck Control Defense - Throw
Head Neck Control Defense - Body Lock
Head Neck Control Defense - Clinch Escape to Knee
Arm lock to Knee
Break Clinch to Elbow
Push Head and Knee
Shoulder Push Throw
Knee Counter to Knee Attack #1
Knee Counter to Knee Attack #2

Both Arms Under
Defense - Break Clinch
Defense - Throw
Defense - Shoots for Underhooks
Attack - Elbow Lock and Knee
Attack - Throw #1 and Defense
Attack - Throw #2

Head Arm Lock
Defense Knee
Defense - Elbow Out
Defense - Elbow trapped
Attack - Knee
Attack - Throw
Attack - Take the Back

Swim to Elbow
Swim to Throw
Body Lock
Defense - Mount

Against Taller Opponents
Knee to Throw
When Pulled Down
Head Arm Lock Defense
Malaipet "The Diamond" Sasiprapa started training in Muay Thai at the age of 5 in Thailand. In Bangkok, Malaipet competed in over 250 fights becoming IKBA Intercontinental champion and IKKC Middle Weight Champion. Malaipet is now fighting in MMA events in addition to his muay thai fights.

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Muay Thai Clinch DVD with Malaipet

definitive DVD

This is >THE< definitive DVD on Thai Clinch fighting. There is no other that can compete.

Good info

Good info regarding the clinch position. Great addition to your arsenal.

There are some excellent

There are some excellent tecniques and some good information regarding the clinch for beginners to intermediate.Just remember it's not a muay thai for mma dvd.

i gotta disagree

i gotta disagree with the other reveiwers here. this dvd is done in voice overs. some dvds that use voice overs are very good. this is not one of them. the verbal explanations are severly lacking! this seemed more like a demonstration then instruction. i know people love "authentic" muay thai. but there are better dvds out, even though they may not be taught by a guy who is thai or schooled in thai land.