Michael Langhi Dynamic Spider Guard (On Demand)

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Michael Langhi, world champion and Alliance BJJ super star, is known for his "impassable guard". The Spider Guard is the central component of all open guards and in this video Langhi will break it all down for you. Michael teaches basic concepts, sweeps, transitions, and submissions.


1. Intro

2. Spider guard concepts

3. Basic spider guard sweep

4. Sweep to arm drag to the back

5. Grip break to armbar

6. Grip break to triangle

7. Spider lasso balloon sweep

8 Spider lasso to sweep or omoplata

9 Spider lasso with cross grip to single leg

10 Balloon sweep changing directions

11 Trap one leg & balloon sweep

12 Trap one leg to X Guard

13 Trap one leg to footlock

14 Lasso cross grip to sit up guard sweep

15 Spider to X Guard

16 Spider to toehold

17 Omoplata & counter the roll to finish

18 Combat base to omoplata

19 Armbar with one hook behind the neck

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