Masterclass Hung Gar 4 DVD Set by Seng Jeorng Au

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Vol-1.  FIVE BASIC STANCES: Horse, Forward Horse, Cat, Scissor & Hanging Stance. Ten Basic Exercises: 1-Revers Punch from Say Ping Mah, 2-Big Circle Side Tiger Claw from Deng Ji Mah. 3-Big Circle Side Sunfist from Deng Ji Mah.  4-One Finger Block and Reverse Punch from Say Ping Mah.  5-Side Block & Reverse Punch from Say Ping Mah. 6-Side Block, Reverse Punch & Chop from the Ready Position.  7-Slant Flying Fist.  8-Arm Break from Say Ping Mah.  9-Front Snap Kick from Diu Mah,  10- Chop & Strike Kick.


Vol-2.  a) LAU GAR KUEN (Lau Family Fist Set): This 1st open hand set embodies the essential principals of the Lau Family Style.  The Lau system is one of 5 famous family styles to come out of South China.  b) CHING NIN KUEN (Youth Fist Set): A traditional Wushu fist set taught o the young people of Northern China teaching them to defend themselves in narrow alleyways.

Vol-3. KUNG JI FOOK FU KUEN (Tempting the Tiger Within Fist Set): This is the 1st of the 4 Pillars of Hung Gar. Hand Ch’i Kung is incorporated to create the Tiger’s focus of purpose and the strength of the largest cat in nature.

Vol-4. FU HOK SHEONG YIN KUEN (Tiger and Crane Set) is the 2nd pillar of Hung Gar Kung Fu. Known throughout China and the world as the trademark of the Tiger and Crane System. It is said that SiJo (founder) Hung Hoe Goon combined the tiger system together with the Crane techniques learning from his wife Fong Wing Chun to create poetry in motion.