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Kyusho Jitsu Vol 1 by Evan Pantazi (On Demand)


Kyusho Jitsu Vol 1 by Evan Pantazi (On Demand)

Kyusho Jitsu Vol 1 by Evan Pantazi (On Demand)

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In this surprising video, Master Evan Pantazi - 7 Dan, presents Kyusho Jitsu to us in a demonstrative and educational way. Kyusho Jitsu. Under his guidance we analyze step-by-step reanimation techniques and energy recovery, which is the necessary starting point for the correct understanding of the Kyusho. We will study three methods to attack the pressure points: points in the arm, points in the head, points in the neck and combinations between both with applications both in static situations as well as in movement when faced with grabs, attack, kicks, etc., and everything is presented with detailed instructions to help you to begin this potent art. A work that is certainly worth the pain you have to suffer, because the fantastic thing is that these techniques can be transmitted to others and learned. 


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