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Shihan Jordan presents/displays in DVD the technique of the shot with arc, the Kyu-Jitsu, a Martial Art practically stranger in the West, that it reunites the flavor of the most exquisite tradition and of the martial knowledge of classic Japan. A unique work, that shells retail the ceremony of the shot with arc, divided in 8 stages that conform a continuous cycle: ASHIBUMI (to take position), DOZUKURI (to find the balance), YUGAMAE (to prepare the arc), UCHIOKOSHI (to elevate the arc), TSUMEAI (completing the design, NOBIAI (the Maxima opening), HANARE (to release the arrow), ZANSHIN (the continuity). A protocol executed from the deepest respect to the Art and the own spirit whose objective is to reach the morning call, freeing itself of any external reality to the arquero, the arc and the arrow.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

Customer Reviews

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wow....they need to re-do this book

i have never read or seen this book in person ....but i feel i must warn anyone interested in kyudo not to buy this book ...

the content of the book is in serious question from the cover they made...


1. the bow he is holding is strung backwards ...which means he cant shoot at all and has no idea what he is doing .

2. he has tied his kimono like a woman ...there are application like this but not as shown

3. the girl has no glove ?

4. the girl has arrows stuck in her hakama ...again there are some applications like this but not as shown ...

it is insane that this got printed and passed off as real information ...

never open the book ............!

it will stunt your kyudo growth for the rest of your life..

they would have done better if they just pit a pic of a bow and arrow on the cover this is the worst I've ever seen...

but on a positive note ...some one bought it some where...good for him ...

dam............... change the cover