Kumite Tewaza DVD

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* Oizuki(Straight Punch)
o Decisive Punch
o Variations of Oizuki
* Gyakuzuki(Reverse Punch)
o Variation of According to Degree of Bend of Rear Leg
* Kizamizuki(Jab)
* Hikkake Kara No Uraken(Backhand from Pulling Slap)
* Kizamizuki Kara Uraken Eno Henka(Change for Kizamizuki to Uraken)
* Mogurikonde No Oizuki(Dropping Straight Strike)
* Mawashizuki(Round Punch)
* Kagizuki(Hook Punch)
* Taisabaki(Body Pivot)
* Kuzushi-Yobikomi(Unbalancing the Opponent-Sweeping with the Front Leg)
* Kuzushi-Ashibarai(Unbalancing the Opponent-Sweeping)
* Osae(Blocks)
* Hizageri Ni Yoru Block(Block with Knee Kick)

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 50 min.

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