Krav Maga Real Life Situation Techniques DVD

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Alain Formaggio
Jean-Michel Lerho
Alesandro Del Pia
Alexandre Van der Linden
Ciro Lenti
Stephanie Dumont

The most recent International Federation, the World Krav Maga Federation (WKMF) was created by Alessandro Del Pia (Italy), its president nowadays.
In 2006, he asks Alain Formaggio (France) to be his Technical Director.
The latest asks Michel Lehro (Belgium) to be his assistant.

This federation is mainly composed of instructors, policemen, military men who come from special units of their country with a great experience on the spot and in training.
The WKMF is an independent federation politically and religiously speaking. It is in constant evolution so it’s more realistic as well.
This technique comes from experiences on the spot and are simplified to make them efficient without misrepresenting the principles of Krav Maga. In this video you will find the experts of the World Krav Maga Federation: Alain Formaggio, Jean-Michel Lehro, Alessandro Del Pia, Alexandre Van Der Linden, Ciro Lenti and Stéphanie Dumont…. In actions !

The techniques are filmed under different angles in situation, with simulated aggressions in the street, in real speed.
Then you can watch them slow motion commented by the technical director.
More than 80 aggressions (holds, strangulations, punch and kicks, knife, bats threats and attacks ,even guns attacks, defense against 2 aggressors, defense of a third person…) are shown with their solution in self defense which are easy, efficient, quick and explosive!

Krav Maga in situation …. by experts!

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Running Time: 106 Minutes

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