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Koga Ryu Ninjutsu DVD by Juan Hombre 1


Koga Ryu Ninjutsu DVD by Juan Hombre 1

Koga Ryu Ninjutsu DVD by Juan Hombre

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The warriors of the shadows want to return to the scene, but this time with more accuracy. Two Ryu who have traditionally been rivals IGA and KOGA have brought their outstanding representatives to formalize and come to an agreement so that they can avoid old errors. This is something that Juan Hombre will speak about in this article in which he presents his latest works on video; they are the first ones in which the systematic teaching of the Art of combat of the Koga School will be seen as it is nowadays. He is the only person authorized in Europe to represent this focus of traditional Ninjutsu. Part of the recording was done in the general headquarters of Koga, within the house of Ninja, or in the gardens, filled with secret traps in which the most advanced students of this style train. In these two martial works you will learn the Art of empty hands techniques and the use of the main weapons that are part of the traditional Ninjutsu, ninjatos, shaken, shuriken, etc.

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