Kamiwaza: How to Train Budo Master Skills DVD 1 Jujutsu by Tetsuzan Kuroda & Tatsuya Naka

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2 big stars in the martial arts world team up! Tetsuzan Kuroda is a lifelong martial artist having taught internationally for decades. Tatsuya Naka is a 7th degree Shotokan Karate black belt and has starred in many action movies.

In this DVD, which is the first volume [Jiu-jitsu], we will practice the representative of Kuroda's theory (the law of no-body). Starting with [Move to the back without moving the center of gravity], a total of 7 Jiu-Jitsu play lessons are carefully recorded.

Not only martial arts, but also the depth as an ancient martial art that is different from modern martial arts. It is a must-see for enthusiasts who will thoroughly enjoy it.


■ Kuroda theory commentary
■ Move behind without moving the center of gravity ... ① Right foot / ② Left foot / ③ Without right foot
■ Dropping the right chest ... ① Front / ② Back
■ Top and bottom of the chest and opening and closing
■ Touch or keep to the extent that you do not touch
■ Shoulder, elbow, and wrist tone
■ Erase the signs of movement and thoughts
■ Throw the body of the sword: Shino

Language: Japanese

Length: 62 min.