Imanari Series by Marvin Castelle & Brandon Lim (On Demand)

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The Imanari roll was created by Japanese MMA fighter Masakazu Imanari and has gone on to become an important technique in many jiu-jitsu fighters repertoires. Marvin Castelle is part of the new generation of jiu-jitsu athletes who has perfected the Imanari roll and has used it to great success in high level jiu-jitsu superfights.

More than just a great fighter, Marvin and his student Brandon Lim, are both highly qualified instructors hailing from 10th Planet HQ in Los Angeles who know how to break techniques down into all of the small details that really make them work.

At first glance, the Imanari roll looks like a tornado of limbs, but don't be dismayed! Marvin carefully and concisely explains each part of the roll, starting from standing and ending with a submission.

Marvin shows variations depending on how your opponent may try to defend. Also, the instructors share some of their highest percentage escapes from common Imanari roll submissions. 

Chapter list:

1 Intro
2 Entry 1: Frames
3 Entry 2: 1st Hook
4 Entry 3: Clear the Head
5 Entry 4: Chop
6 Takedown 1: Toss Down
7 Takedown 2: Collect the Leg 1
8 Takedown 3: Collect the Leg 2
9 Takedown 4: Finish
10 Standing Imanari 1: Aiming
11 Standing Imanari 2: Direction
12 Standing Imanari 3: Knockdown
13 Standing Imanari 4: Control & Finish
14 Standing Ashi Defense 1: Rocha Run
15 Standing Ashi Defense 2: Ashi Backstep
16 Bottom Ashi Defense 3: Riverside Escape
17 Bottom Ashi Defense 4: Tri Star 
18 Outro 

About the instructor:

Marvin Castelle is a black belt under Eddie Bravo in nogi jiujitsu. He has been training BJJ for 8 yeas and martial arts for 13. He started amateur MMA at age 18 and after winning two fight by triangle choke he has devoted his life to BJJ. After Eddie Bravo took Marvin in under his wing, Marvin says he getting more creative and passionate about his life and career every day.

Language: English 


Customer Reviews

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Marvin's understanding of the imanari is sure to allow you to add this devestating move to your game. Not just a single move but a whole new dimension of your game can be added once you understand the basic concepts. The instructions are given in incredible detail as is Marvin's style. Well worth it.

Imanari Series by Marvin Castelle & Brandon Lim (On Demand)

Nothing but the best. All is explained in a clear and concise manner. That leaves you with the confidence to begin your path to tyour mastery of the technique.

Thanks for the review! Marvin and Brandon area great instructors!

Imanari Series by Marvin Castelle & Brandon Lim (On Demand)

A step by step approach to pulling off one of the most impressive moves in bjj

I have always wanted to learn this move from the first time I saw it. However, I could not find a teacher who had enough reps at a highlevel to help me add it to my game. This video is very detailed on taking you through each part in a way that allows you to drill and complete all the details needed to be successful. Can't wait to get back on the mats and start putting in the reps!