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Iaido Shinai DVD by Master Sueyoshi Akeshi 1


Iaido Shinai DVD by Master Sueyoshi Akeshi 1

Iaido Shinai DVD by Sueyoshi Akeshi

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Master Sueyoshi Akeshi, Shugendo monk, scholar of the martial traditions and expert in Iaido, has carried out for years an intensive work of dissemination and teaching of the Sword Art. In this new work Master Akeshi provides 34 Kumidachi divided into four different groups, URA, JISEN, KASEN and AISHIN, performed at the highest level, with extremely fast and precise movements. The importance of the work with partners is highlighted in this DVD, since the individual training should be supplemented by practical application for a better understanding. For this, the Fokuro Shinai is essential, especially when it comes to beginners, since the use of the bokken is a very high risk. In the practice of these Kumidachi, the Fokuro Shinai minimizes the risk of unnecessary accidents. Once again, Master Sueyoshi shows us his innate capacity for Martial Arts. In his hands the Kumidachi seems an easy task, but the good news for all practitioners is that being disciplined enough in training, it is possible to reach a level as high as you can see in this film.
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