How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent 5 DVD Set with Stephan Kesting & Emily Kwok

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Well known instructor Stephan Kesting along with active competitor Emily Kwok have produced a huge set all about defeating a larger & stronger opponent.

Here are the general topics covered:

  • Strategies and tactics that smaller people must know in order to level the playing field against a larger opponents,
  • Pin escapes that work regardless of size, including the rarely taught topic of transitional escapes,
  • Drills and exercises to make your moves instinctive and strengthen your body in sport-specific ways at the same time,
  • The best attacks from the Guard position, including which Guard positions work for smaller grapplers and which don't,
  • The secrets of gripfighting and how to shut down your opponent's offense by keeping his mitts off of you,
  • Guard passing for the smaller person. How to blow through your opponent's guard even if he's bigger and stronger.
  • Submissions that'll tap out skilled opponents, even if they're much bigger and stronger than you,
  • Tricks and shortcuts that Emily uses all the time as equalizers for size, weight and strength differences,
  • Physical conditioning that prevents injury, allowing you to train with bigger people and not feel 'beat up' all the time,

DVD 1: Drills, Gi and No-Gi Gripfighting (1 hour, 39 minutes)

Emily starts by sharing her favorite fundamental, advanced and two-person partner drills. Warm up your body, build strength and endurance, and create a foundation for the rest of her system with these highly functional sport-specific movements.

In part two of the DVD Emily gives you a detailed what-to-do breakdown of stand-up and ground-based gripfighting. She covers techniques that'll work against opponents of any size and of any grip strength. She also shares specific gripfighting strategies and mindsets that have helped her win world titles in both gi and no-gi grappling competitions.


  1. Introduction
  2. Warm Up Drills
  3. Breakfalls
  4. Technical stand-up
  5. Forward Breakfall
  6. Backward Roll
  7. Shrimping
  8. Leg Circles
  9. Leg Triangles
  10. Grappler's Lifts
  11. Butt Scoot Forward
  12. Butt Scoot Backward
  13. Shrimping Forward
  14. Four Point Rotation
  15. Kickouts
  16. Spidermans
  17. Jumping Lunges
  18. Leg Switching on Hips
  19. Wheelbarrow Forwards
  20. Crab Walk
  21. Granby Roll
  22. Leap Frogs
  23. Drag with Sleeves
  24. Bear Walk
  25. Butterfly Lifts
  26. Jumping Guard Sit Ups
  27. Hook Walk
  28. Guard Pop-ups
  29. Introduction to Gripfighting
  30. Four Fingers In
  31. Pistol Grip
  32. Lapel and Sleeve
  33. Common Mistakes
  34. Guidelines
  35. Stripping Sleeve Grips
  36. Stripping Lapel Grips
  37. Stripping Elbow Grips
  38. Stripping Over the Shoulder Grips
  39. Stripping Grips on the Ground
  40. Stripping Leg Grips
  41. Demo and Summary
  42. No Gi Grip Fighting
  43. Credits

DVD 2: Compensating for Strength (2 hours, 24 minutes)

Not all guard positions keep you safe or are effective when you've facing someone who is much larger and heavier than you. Here Emily shares her favorite guard positions that work well against bigger people, and breaks them down so you'll be able to keep good position and successfully defend guard passing attempts. Plus she teaches you which sweeps work against ALL sizes of opponents, not just ones your own size.

In part two Emily takes you through her bread and butter guard passes that she uses again and again when facing larger opponents. Don't let guard passing turn into a battle of strength; use speed, leverage and timing instead! Emily teaches you the secrets of 'ganging up' on your opponent by using your whole body to dominate ONE of his limbs. Once you isolate a limb you can then use it to get past their guard and into a good position where you can dominate the rest of the fight.

In part three of this DVD, Emily explores the seldom-taught area of transitional escapes, sharing with you the strategies and mindset that completely changed her own approach to pin escapes. She also shows you the exact techniques you need to know in order to keep things moving, and to not end up completely flattened and helplessly pinned underneath your opponent.


  1. Compensating for Strength
  2. Intro to the Seated Guard
  3. Knee Push Sweep
  4. Butterfly Sweep
  5. Butterfly Sweep with Head Control
  6. Butterfly Sweep with Knee Push
  7. Intro and Shin-to-Shin Entry
  8. Butterfly Sweep Entry
  9. Side to Side Finish
  10. Heel Grab Finish
  11. Dealing with Grips
  12. Transition to Regular X Guard
  13. X Guard Details
  14. Stand-up Finish
  15. Backtrip Finish
  16. Intro to the Half Guard
  17. Taking the Back
  18. Leg Grab Sweep
  19. Roll-Under Sweep
  20. The 'Vomit' Sweep
  21. Strategies and Tactics
  22. Explosive stand-up
  23. Standing Step Pass
  24. Leg Drag & Hip Trap
  25. Over-Under Pass
  26. Transitional Escapes
  27. Block and Elbow Wedge
  28. Multiple Bridging
  29. Side to Side Bridging
  30. Transitional Mount Escapes
  31. Improving the Elbow-Knee Escape
  32. Leg Trap Mount Escape
  33. Credits

DVD 3: Top Five Moves (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Every champion has his or her favorite 'go to' moves... In this DVD Emily shares her top five submissions, her top five guard sweeps, and her top five escapes and transitions for dealing with much larger people. Most importantly, she includes the tweaks and details that take 'regular' techniques and change them into 'giant-killer' moves. Master these 15 techniques and watch your training partners develop a new-found respect for your skills.


  1. Top 5 Moves
  2. Cross Side Lapel Choke
  3. Modified Baseball Choke
  4. Reverse Armbar from Mount
  5. Bow and Arrow Choke
  6. North South Choke
  7. Top 5 Guard Sweeps
  8. Knee Push to Single Leg X Guard
  9. Knee Push to Sickle Sweep
  10. Scooting Butterfly Sweep
  11. Double Shin Lever Sweep
  12. Counter to Backstep
  13. Top 5 Transitions and Escapes
  14. Closed to Open Guard
  15. Elbow Push vs Guard Pass
  16. Leg Over Head Escape
  17. Granby Roll Escapes
  18. Two-on-One Rear Mount Escape
  19. Some Final Words of Advice
  20. Credits

Bonus DVD 1: Q & A Session with Emily Kwok (1 hour)

This DVD was filmed during a semi-private Q & A session in which Emily answered questions from white, blue, brown and blackbelts. She shared the tricks and techniques she uses on a daily basis against taller, heavier and much stronger training partners - no matter how 'agro' they are. Here's just some of what she covered, responding to questions and requests from grapplers just like you:

  • A highly sport-specific and functional warmup for a group of people of all sizes,
  • A detailed breakdown of Emily's approach to atttacking from rearmount, including secrets learned from Marcelo Garcia,
  • How to finish the guillotine even when your opponent is taller and stronger than you with a much larger neck,
  • How to attack with the guillotine in a way that sets up an instant guard pass,
  • When NOT to attack with the guillotine from guard,
  • Sweeps that use your opponent's size to your advantage,
  • A choke that works on bigger, stronger Goliaths, even if you're only using one hand,
  • What to do when your opponent stalls in your guard, trying to shut down your attacks,
  • How to protect your fingers from getting mauled when gripfighting,
  • Emily's favorite X Guard pass,
  • The keys to controlling the rear mount so that your opponent can't squirm or power out of it, and how to put him into constant danger of getting submitted,
  • Which traditional teaching techniques actually hinder your progress,
  • Two high-percentage moves to recover from a failed butterfly guard sweep, even if your opponent is trying to use his superior size to crush you and shut down your game,
  • The mindset you MUST maintain to prevent your sweeps from being shut down and having your guard passed,
  • and more...

Bonus DVD 2: An Introduction to Total Body Stability,
by Roy Duquette with Emily Kwok (1 hour)

In this unique bonus DVD, master strength and conditioning coach Roy Duquette puts Emily through a workout from his TBS system. The goal of this system is to strengthen, stabilize and protect the joints and muscles that are most susceptible to injury.

Roy was Emily's first conditioning coach, as well as the person who initially introduced her to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Emily, and many other martial arts athletes, recognize how important it is to create a strong foundation with this sort of conditioning, for the simple reason that it allows them to train harder in class and walk around without feeling crippled all the time!


  1. Intro to Total Body Stability
  2. Setting Up the Active Posture Position
  3. The Exercises Series - Front Raises
  4. L-Flyes
  5. Dumbbell Shrug
  6. Dumbbell Overhead Press
  7. Standing Bicep Curl
  8. Sequential Roll-Up Series
  9. Roll-Up with Alternating Leg Raise
  10. Roll-Up with Double Leg Raises
  11. Superman Series - Double Arm and Leg Extension
  12. Overhead Flyes
  13. Superman Leg Curl
  14. Simultaneous Flyes and Leg Curls
  15. Standard Plank Series - Sequential Plank
  16. Plank Push-Up
  17. Plank with Alternating Leg Raises
  18. Swiss-Ball Bridge Series - Straight-Leg Bridge
  19. Swiss Ball Leg Curl
  20. Bent-Knee Bridge
  21. Swiss Ball Alternating Leg Raise
  22. Summary
  23. Credits