Hapkido Ultimate Self Defense DVD Set with Steve Sexton

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The Korean martial art of Hapkido is considered by many to be an advanced martial art system because of the vast array of techniques it encompasses. Hapkido, was founded by Korean Grand Master Choi, Yong Sul who, from 1919 to the beginning of World War 2, had studied Daito-Ryu Aiki-jutsu in Japan, one of the arts Morihei Ueshiba synthesized into Aikido. Around 1939-40, Choi combined his knowledge of Aiki-jutsu with native Korean kicking styles to form Hapkido. Hapkido continues to be refined and prosper under the direction of founder Choi, Yong Sul number one disciple 10Th Dan Grand Master Ji, Han Jae.

Along with numerous Korean style punching, blocking and kicking techniques Hapkido also incorporates the throwing techniques of Judo and Aikido along with the joint locking holds of Daito-Ryu Aiki-jutsu to create a formidable fighting style. Hapkido teaches how to redirect your opponents force and use it against him with crippling affect. The redirection of an assailant's force enables a much smaller person to defeat a larger opponent in combat.

Hapkido also teaches the use of angles designed to side step your opponents attack while putting you in a position to counter with devastating strikes, throws, or bone breaking joint locks.

In this 3 DVD home study series 6th Degree Hapkido Master and Street Fighting Legend Steve "Road House" Sexton teaches you over 200 Battle tested Hapkido techniques or variations of them he has personally used in hundreds of self-defense encounters. By training with Master Sexton's Hapkido instructional DVD you now have the rare opportunity to learn from an instructor who talks from experience on a technique's effectiveness in real combat. Designed for men and women of all ages each Hapkido self-defense technique is broken down in an easy to understand format that will instantly give you the skills and confidence to defend yourself against virtually every type of street assault. Although traditional Hapkido techniques in nature, Master Sexton has modified and applied them to the most common types of attacks you are likely to face in today's violent world.

Vol 1: In this dynamic easy to follow, high quality, 90 minute lesson Hapkido Master and Street Fighting Legend, Steve "Road House" Sexton personally teaches you important Hapkido fundamentals followed by numerous life saving Hapkido self-defense techniques designed to instantly get you out of dangerous situations unharmed. Techniques presented on this valuable DVD include:
*Proper Stances, Footwork, and Fighting Postures.
*Ranges and Zones of Combat plus life saving street fighting strategy.
*Blocking Techniques including Circular, Angular and Direct upper and lower body blocks.
*Basic kicks including the Front Kick, Side Kick, Spinning Back Kick and Round House kick.
*Basic punches including the Front Jab, Reverse Punch, Devastating Palm Heel Strike and Ridge Hand Strike.
*Front, Side and Rear Break Fall Techniques to protect you from getting hurt if you are thrown.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes from single and double wrist holds.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes from lapel holds.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes from frontal pushing attacks. Most street fights start with a push and these techniques show how to counter this initial move with devastating effect.

Vol 2: In this important instructional tape Hapkido Master and Street Fighting Legend, Steve "Road House" Sexton teaches you an in-depth series of over 100 Hapkido Self-defense Techniques that will quickly give you the skills needed to escape dangerous situations unharmed. With no experience you can learn how to become a Hapkido fighting machine with the skills and confidence Master Sexton?s instruction will give you. Techniques you will learn on this action packed, high quality, 90 minute DVD/Video include:
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against under and overhand Frontal Belt Holds.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against rear Double Wrist Holds.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against Punching Attacks.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against Kicking Attacks.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against 2 Attackers.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against rear Collar Holds.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes against rear Shoulder Holds.

Vol 3: Hapkido Master and Street Fighting Legend Steve "Road House" Sexton continues his exceptional self-defense instruction with this outstanding tape. In this exciting 90 minute lesson Master Sexton will introduce you to Hapkido's most celebrated weapon the Walking Cane. In a series of explosive self-defense moves Master Sexton shows how to use this simple walking instrument as a an effective weapon against thugs, muggers and knife wielding attackers. With this important lesson you are on your way to quickly mastering the lifesaving techniques of the Hapkido Cane. Also included on this tape are numerous Hapkido, hand-to-hand knife and gun disarms, escapes from rear bear hug holds, self-defense techniques against chokes, headlock escapes and much more! Bonus! Tape also includes an exclusive up close and personal interview with Master Sexton!
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes from rear Choke Attacks.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes from rear under and over the arm Bear Hug Holds.
Self-Defense Techniques and Escapes from Full Nelson and Head Lock Holds.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Disarms against Knife Assaults.
*Self-Defense Techniques and Disarms against Gun Assaults.
*Self-Defense Techniques with the Hapkido Cane against Punching, Kicking, and Knife Attacks.
*Bonus! Features an exclusive interview with Hapkido Master and Street Fighting Legend, Steve "Road House" Sexton!

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