Hapkido Dynamite 3 DVD Set by Steve Roadhouse Sexton

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Master Steve "Roadhouse" Sexton does it again with this second outstanding video series - Hapkido Dynamite! In this 3 DVD set Hapkido Dynamite Master Sexton clearly and expertly demonstrates and explains how to use highly effective self defense moves to protect yourself in a variety of situations.
Volume 1 - Self Defense against a single attacker
Volume 2 - Self Defense against multiple attackers
Volume 3 - Using the Hapkido Cane for self defense
Master Sexton many years of experience as a professional in protection work - bouncing, bodyguarding, martial arts - Master Steve "Roadhouse" Sexton gives you the "inside story" on what works and what doesn't. You'll pick up skills and knowledge that will give you edge in a self defense encounter and could save your life. BONUS FEATURE! Volume 2 DVD also includes footage of Master Sexton teaching a Hapkido Class on Multiple Attackers at the renowned Team Karate Center in Woodland Hills, CA. You get a front row seat to this dynamic martial arts class in action! Get this excellent DVD today and improve your self protection skills from the first viewing.

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Hapkido Dynamite

Most informative. Hapkido video I've purchased so far.And I have quite a few Hapkido videos.