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Grip Like a World Champion 2.0 - 3 DVD Set by Jimmy Pedro

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Learn How To Grip The Gi - From The Creator Of The Greatest Gripping System On Earth

  • 2x Olympic Medalist, World Champion & US Olympic Coach Jimmy Pedro Shows All Of His Gripping Secrets
  • Win judo’s most important battles and grip fight like a champion with World Champion Jimmy Pedro’s legendary gripping system
  • Jimmy Pedro updates and improves on his original “Grip Fight Like A Champion” series, laying out his entire blueprint around how to move, grip, and set up any throw
  • Learn the angles, grips, and set ups that have worked for him at the elite levels that you won’t learn anywhere else
  • Give your judo a huge upgrade with a plan on how to grip and move, with the same coaching the US Olympic team
  • Every exchange in judo comes down one question: who has the dominant grips

Volume 1:


Definition and History of the System

Importance of Gripping


Offensive and Defensive Gripping

Grip Fighting Fundamentals

Proper Gripping stance and Movement

Gripping Terminology

Being One Step Ahead

Same Sided Gripping Objectives

Capture The Sleeve

Circle Opponent and Grab Sleeve

Common Mistakes

Volume 2:

Both Post Shoulder with Grip Breaks

Post Shoulder Defenses


Counter To Stiff Arm

Attacking After Having Grip

Opposite Sided Gripping Objectives

Standard Lapel and Sleeve Grip

Volume 2:

Maintaining Inside Position

Other Ways To Dominate

Stealing The Sleeve

Motion to Secure Sleeve and Defending the Elbow Over

Cross Lapel with Motion To Secure Sleeve

Lapel Power Grip

Defense Against Power Grip

Attacking off the Grip - Drills for Opposite Gripping

Double Lapel Situations and Transition to Standard Grip

Stupid Judo