Footlock Mastery by Oliver Geddes (On Demand)

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This is the result of several months of hard work, and many many hours of teaching this material in seminars throughout the world. The aim of this instructional is to give the viewer a complete game built around the footlock or straight ankle lock, a submission that is incredibly versatile and also legal at all levels of competition. I am exceptionally proud of the final product and hope that you enjoy watching it and using the material contained inside as much as I enjoyed the experience of making it!
  • Footlock Fundamentals

    An introduction to the basic control positions that make up the footlock, as well as a detailed look at the mechanics required to up your finishing percentage.

  • The Outside Hook Ankle Lock

    A more modern variation on the traditional ankle lock that is significantly more powerful, harder to defend and more difficult to escape.

  • Overhook X Guard

    A powerful guard that opens up a huge range of sweeps on a standing or kneeling opponent - each of which can immediately be followed by a transition into a footlock finish

  • 50/50 Guard

    A powerful selection of finishes from the 50/50 guard, a position which is integral to the modern jiujitsu game and which can be chained easily from one to the other to give you a barrage of attacks.

  • Footlock Entries

    All the transitions required to enter into the footlock position from all the common positions in jiujitsu - whatever your game there will be a way to instantly integrate the content on this instructional.

  • And much more!

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