Fade to Black 2 (5 Volume DVD or Blu-ray Set) with Brandon Quick

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Jiu-jitsu is always changing. Counters are created and so are counters to those counters. It has been 10 years after Brandon Quick released Fade to Black - a groundbreaking instructional that laid out a complete system of nogi chokes including darces, guillotines, gators, and arm triangles. Now Brandon is back to explain all of the refinements to the refinements to make you a nogi strangulation master!


1 Intro
2 Modern finishing
3 Near Side undertook pass to darce 
4 Darce vs 100%
5 Darce vs kimura trap
6 Bad Knee on Belly & Breakdance triangle to Darce
7 Cradle to Darce
8 NS Escape & Darce system
9 Darce to baratoplata 
10 Darce prevention
11 Armdrag vs whizzer 
12 Octopus duck vs Darce
13 Ghost Escape system
14 Darce Ezekiel


1 Modern Finishing
2 Inside sankaku escape
3 Arm triangle vs twister
4 Spin around turtle
5 Duck under arm triangle
6 Top Thai plum from mount
7 Back roll escape to kimura 
8 Leg drag to arm triangle 


1 Evolution of the guillotine 
Cow Catchers
2 Standing to the ground
3 Forcing from side control
4 Half guard to mounted guillotine
5 Suicide Pass 
6 Vs dogfight
7 Vs seated guard
Walsh Chokes 
8 Evolution
9 Control after pass
10 Kimura trap to Walsh or guillotine 
11 Power half to Walsh


1 The Japanese necktie
2 Texas necktie
3 JNT to gator choke 
4 JNT to the back
5 The modern Peruvian
6 PNT to JNT 
7 Sub chain


1 Butterfly cradle to Darce
2 Cradle to cow catcher 
3 Baiting pass 
4 Cradle side switch
5 Cradle to the back
6 Outro

On 3 DVDs or 1 Blu-ray

Languages: English & Japanese

Ship Date: 2/11/2019

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