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Escaping Knee on Belly and Reverse Knee on Belly with Ante Dzolic (On Demand)

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The most detailed Knee on Belly instructional ever made! In this course, Ante Dzolic teaches everything you need to know about escaping the traditional knee on belly position and the reverse knee on belly position.

Chapter List

  1. Escape Destinations
  2. Follow Through
  3. Weight placement and our movement
  4. Posture and Hand Placements
  5. The Reverse Shrimp
  6. Variation
  7. Fouling the Transition I
  8. Fouling the Transition II
  9. Bump Escape
  10. Make a Hole
  11. Grab a Belt/Grab a Heel Escape
  12. Leg and Arm Weave Escape
  13. Belt and Heel: Guard Recovery
  14. Undercutting a Mobile Opponent
  15. Containing the Ankle
  16. Belt/Skirt Reversal
  17. Countering the Windshield Wiper Transition
  18. Shin in Biceps Reversal 
  19. Recovering Guard
  20. When we Can't Access the Arm
  21. Bridge to a Single
  22. Belt/Skirt Reversal
  23. Guard Recovery
  24. Undercutting the Opponent
  25. Dealing with a Controlled Near Side Arm
  26. Reversal Escape
  27. Guard Recovery When They Chase
  28. Countering Alternative Knee on Belly and Reverse Knee on Belly Transitions
  29. Countering the Backstep
  30. Conclusion

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