Effective Wristlocks for BJJ Vol 1 by Budo Jake (On Demand)

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Wristlocks (known as mao de vaca in Portuguese) are some of the lesser used submissions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In this instructional, Gracie Barra black belt, IBJJF commentator, and active competitor - Budo Jake, teaches the intricacies of this often overlooked submission. Jake shows not only how to do the wrist locks, but more importantly - when. There are specific times when wrist locks can effectively be executed.

Now Available in 2 Languages: English & Japanese

Wrist locks are an extremely valuable asset that everyone should invest time in learning.  Whether to finish, distract, or aid in securing a secondary finish hold, they will boost your submission game.  I can’t wait to see what Budo Jake has up his sleeve, or not  :) to benefit from! - Shawn Williams

About Budo Jake: Jake is a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr and has travelled the globe training with many of the top athletes and instructors. His other instructional releases are "The Reverse Kimura" & "Going Upside Down".

1 Intro
2 Wrist stretches
3 Concepts for applying wrist locks in BJJ

From guard (bottom):

4 Gooseneck
5 Reverse gooseneck
6 Williams Guard wrist lock
7 Belt grip wrist lock
8 Heavy belt grip wrist lock
9 Americana to wrist lock
10 Triangle defense wrist lock
11 Omoplata to wrist lock
12 Omoplata roll wrist lock

From half guard top:

13 Underhook wrist lock
14 Dangling wrist lock
15 DHG counter wrist lock

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Got this a while back and never reviewed it. There are a few wrist locks that I picked up from this that have become a regular part of my game. Great teaching as usual from Jake.


    I learned a lot. Best wristlock instructional out there.