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Dynamic Aikido DVD with Angel Alvarez

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Angel (6th Dan, Aikikai Shidoin) practices an Aikido that is both powerfull and flowing. In this video he reflects on his personal concepts about Aikido.

A.F.Alvarez initiated his practice of Aikido more than 30 years ago, in October 1965 at the age of 16, under the direction of Yoshimitsu Yamada, Shihan.

He started teaching on May 2, 1968, at the New York Aikikai, and taught there on a continuous basis from that time until December of 1995.

Whenever he has occasion to visit the New York Aikikai, he has the privilege to teach there again, upon the invitation of Yoshimitsu Yamada, Shihan.
And Mr. A.F. Alvarez, continues, to this day, to study with Yamada Sensei.
He was awarded his shodan rank in 1968! and he became the first Uchideshi at The New York Aikikai, in the same year.
He remained as Uchideshi for about 4 years following the teaching of Yamada Sensei.

Angel is well known for his mastery of the break-fall techniques (Ukemi). Indeed, he has made them his personal specialty. His other great interest has been in developing the Technical Aspects of Aikido and their relation to Practical Applications.

He is currently the Chief Instructor at Barcelona Aikikai(Aikikai de Barcelona) BCN, Spain.

Over the unbroken 32 year period of his study of Aikido A. Alvarez, has had the privilege of having received instruction from the following Aikido Instructors or Shihans :
Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Waka Sensei M. Ueshiba, Koichi Tohei, Kisaburo Osawa(Senior), Morihiro Saito(Sr.), Arikawa Sensei, Kobayashi sensei, N. Tamura, M. Kanai, K. Chiba, S. Sugano, Shibata, Murashige and Takao Saito Sensei, who was also uchideshi at the NY Aikikai from 1968 to approximately 1971.

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