Dog Brothers: Gathering of the Pack DVD

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In 1993, our first series, commonly known as "The Dog Brothers Videos", introduced "Dog Brothers Real Contact Stickfighting". Since that time, the fighting has evolved A LOT. Twice a year, we host our "Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack" and this video, consisting of selected fights from 1994-1999, shows just how much the fighting has evolved since the fights of the late 1980s and early 1990s that formed the basis of the first series.

The video opens with the opening talk, which sets the understandings for the day, and promptly turns to two 1 on 1 knife fights, and one 2 on 2 knife fight. There are many single and double stick fights, single stick versus double nunchaku, stick versus hardwood bokken (ends in broken hand) and two 4 foot staff fights (one of them ends in a ruptured ear drum). The video closes with the fighters' circle as the fighters share the day.

This is not a "Greatest Hits of the Dog Brothers" video (that comes later). Although some of the fights in this video may well appear in the "Greatest Hits" video, with this video the idea is to show just what a Gathering is and to show the current fighting. And at a length of 70 minutes in this video there is plenty of that!