De La Riva 66 by Tomoyuki Hashimoto (2 DVD Set)

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As the title suggests this DVD is a collection of 66 techniques which relate to the De La Riva position. It includes proven and effective hand-picked techniques which I have studied with top world competitors like Caio Terra and Mikey Musumeci. All of these techniques have been perfected after learning them through use in competition. All of the techniques are explained in detail so as to let you fully understand the concepts behind them. This DVD has all of the vast amount of knowledge gained over years of practice in just 4 hours. So, you won’t get the full benefit by only watching it once. By watching it over and over you will be able to deepen your understanding of the concepts shown. This DVD is a must for anyone who loves competition.

Length: 310 min. on 2 DVDs

Language: English narration

Release date: Late August, 2019