Chin-na Connection 5 DVD Set by Christian Harfouche

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Follow the Grand Master in these powerful videos as he teaches you to:

- Neutralize and overcome your opponent.
- Survive and win in a life threatening situation.
- Defeat multiple attackers.
- Control assailants with gun and knife disarms.
- Employ strikes, take-downs, wrist-flexes, arm-bars, neck-cranks, and chokes.

Incorporate body shielding and stacking (using your opponent as a shield) in self-defense.
Perfect for instructors and for those who want to learn self-defense, train for tournament competition, or just get fit!
Each video is produced like a live seminar with:


All techniques are filmed uncut in slow motion and demonstrated from various camera angles.
Highest film production quality available in the market today!

Instructors will learn moves that complement their own style.

Discover Dr. Harfouches eight principles of F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G and gain the confidence you need to control any opponent! "...a must for the serious martial artist!" -ICKA

Customer Reviews

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Lots of submissions

This series has many takedowns with wrists locks, leglocks, armbars, neck cranks, chokes and combinations of all those submissions. I practice San Soo Kung Foo and incorporate all the techniques in this series to what I do. It's also good for police arrest and control procedures. It goes on and on.