BJJ Seminars Year One DVD by Roy Dean

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Roy Dean is a black belt product of the Roy Harris style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, methodical, meticulous, and masterful. In this flashback DVD, Dean gives you six long peeks into what makes his teaching, training, and fighting method so popular and powerful. There is no shortage of highly detailed instruction that both Dean and his instructor, Roy Harris, provide in a manner that is both easy to comprehend and easy to follow. There are also sections showing Dean and his students applying these techniques both in competition and during belt testing. The DVD even earned praise from the likes of Marcelo Garcia.

- Black Belt Magazine
1 - Alaska Seminar: 54th birthday seminar held for Robert Grunder of Gracie Barra Alaska
2 - Summer 2007: Morning portion of the annual BJJ gathering in Bend, Oregon
3 - Purple Belt Test: Jimmy DaSilva crosses the divide between blue and purple
4 - Roy Harris Seminar: Roy Harris teaches open guard control
5 - Westside Submission: Entering Chris Brennan's classic round robin tournament as a purple belt
6 - What does Jiu-jitsu Look Like?: BJJ commercial shot in San Diego, California with Harris academy members 

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