BJJ Belt by Kaizen Athletic

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The Kaizen Athletic belts are made exclusively for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Made from 100% cotton and available in white, blue, purple, brown and black. Each belt includes a black sleeve for adding stripes as you progress in your training. The Black Belts include a red sleeve for adding stripes as you master your skills.

Available in sizes A0-A7

Size Approx Length
A0 104 Inches
A1 108 Inches
A2 110 Inches
A3 118 Inches
A4 122 Inches
A5 128 Inches
A6 132 Inches
A7 135 Inches

Customer Reviews

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I bought Kaizen for both my brown and black belts and was extremely happy with them. They were soft, yet thick enough to be substantial without being rigid.

Later, I purchased them for my students and I don't know what happened, but I am WAY DISAPPOINTED in the quality of these belts. They are thin and cheap looking/feeling. I might as well have bought $3 belts from amazon. Sorry Kaizen, you need improvement. :(


Great belt for a great price.


Just got a purple belt and I had a blue one before. Great quality for the price. I don't see why people pay $20 for the same thing with a a different brand name.

Its a gamble...

So I've purchased white through brown belts of Kaizen. The white and blue belts were nice and durable, heavy, and had a good feel to them. When I ordered the purple and brown (I keep one belt ahead of where I am) I immediately noticed a difference in quality between them (purple and brown) and my previous (white and blue) belts.

Since I had purchased these through Budovideos, I reached out to them directly about the issue. I explained in detail the issue with the belts, supplying even side by side pictures showing the thickness of the purple and brown belts when stacked on top of each other was barely equal to my worn and torn blue belt.

I was promised they would take care of the issue. Emails were sent back and forth, but no resolution was ever come to. I asked if I should send the belts back, no response. I pretty much gave up on getting an exchange or return at this point. But, I still have the belts laying around somewhere in a box.

Be forewarned, if you're a purple belt or above, these belts are flimsy and not good quality.