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Ashihara Karate Basics DVD 1


Ashihara Karate Basics DVD 1

Ashihara Karate Basics DVD by Hidenori Ashihara


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The basics of Ashihara Kaikan Karate created by Hideyuki Ashihara.Kancho,Hidenori Ashihra demonstrates and explains the basics in detail.
Warm Up
Sanchin Dachi
Seiken Cyudan Tsuki
Seiken Jodan Tsuki
Seiken Ago Uchi
Uraken Ganmen Uchi
Uraken Sayu Uchi
Uraken Hizo Uchi
Uraken Mawashi Uchi
Kiba Dachi
Shita Tsuki
Hiji Uchi
Jodan Uke
Chudan Soto Uke
Chudan Uchi Uke
Geda Barai
Chudan Uchi Uke Gedan Barai
Mae Keage
Uchi Mawashi
Soto Mawashi
Hiza Geri
Kinteki Geri
Mae Geri
Mawashi Geri
Yoko Keage
Yoko Geri
Kansetsu Geri
Enkei Gyaku Tsuki
Ido Keiko

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 64 min.

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