Aikido of Kenji Tomiki Vol 2 DVD by Tadayuki Sato

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Japan Aikido Association is established by Kenji Tomiki who was one of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba's most distinguished followers. The technique is evaluated high as the adoption for the Self Defense Forces in the actual combat.

It introduces the form (Basic 17 techniques, Back 10 techniques) for Randori (free practice), and the actual bare-handed Randori/Short sword Randori. The reason for Kuzushi is achieved by the image and it explains plainly.
Vol 2 of Tadayuki Sato's series on Tomiki Aikido includes chapters on:
Kihon no kata (17 kata)
-Atemi waza (5) 
-Hiji waza (5)
-Tekubiwaza (4) 
Ura waza (10 kata) 
-Kaeshiwaza (10) 
Toshi Randori (empty hand free style)
Tanto randori (free style with knife)

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 85 min.