Aikido Kobayashi Ryu with Giampietro Savegnago (On Demand)

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Master Savegnago is one of the most important exponents in the world of Kobayashi Ryu, a school that takes up the inheritance of Grand Master and student of O Sensei, Hirokazu Kobayashi. In it, one continues developing the concepts of an Aikido essentially characterized by the simultaneous control of attack technique and intention, the short, powerful and extremely precise movements of the late Ueshiba. We will study, among other things, the principles of meguri, timing, and the atemi, tai-sabaki and defenses against multiple attackers, the Suwari waza techniques, Nikkyo, Irimi nage and variations, free techniques, techniques against different kinds of grips, countering techniques, and work with the Jo and the Bokken. A DVD in which you will discover, from the hand of Master Savegnago, that same, very unique and particular way of focusing Aikido handed down from the always surprising Ueshiba.

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