100% Kokyu Nage by Jose Luis Isidro (On Demand)

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Master Alfonso Longueira, whose evolution has never been confined to the formal aspect, is an example of what O'Sensei proclaimed, going beyond the forms to properly express the essence of Aikido. "Aiki can not be used in spoken or written words. Without wasting time in useless discussions, understand through practice". In this new work, Longueira intends to further extend the possible field of the principles of Aikido, through a part of work with weapons: Bokken, Jo, and especially Kodachi, a Japanese weapon somewhat forgotten but no less effective, work of attacks and others that no doubt will be useful in your practice and self-defense. As always, his main interest is to awaken the mind of the new martial practitioner. No matter the style of Aikido you practice, no matter who is your Master, be open-minded
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