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10 Masterkeys of Kempo DVD by Frank Trejo 1


10 Masterkeys of Kempo DVD by Frank Trejo 1

10 Masterkeys of Kempo DVD by Frank Trejo

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This is a complete presentation of the 10 best and most efficient techniques and principles of one of the most effective martial arts styles. Demonstrated by Master Frank Trejo, this DVD explores the art and science of Kenpo. Master Trejo selected the 10 most devastating techniques and principles of Kenpo to help you create all the movements you need for self-defense. These are the very essential of Kenpo Karate. This is the first DVD of its class and definitely a master class piece of valuable information. Simplicity, economy, and effectiveness are all in one single package. It is the most comprehensive self-defense and technical information ever published in a Kenpo DVD. 
Frank Trejo is known the world over for his unique fighting abilities and for being one of the top students of the great Ed Parker. He was the head instructor at the legendary Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate Studio in Pasadena, where thousands of practitioners from around the world went to learn the art of Kenpo from the original source. He has crossed all boundaries by combining Boxing, Kickboxing, Kenpo, Judo, and Ground Fighting in a concept he likes to call "Kenpo Fusion." He has become a legend in the world of martial arts in America. He is the kind of individual who will go to any lengths to continue his study of Kenpo and to preserve the ethics intrinsic to the practice of martial arts.

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