Transition Mastery 4 DVD Set with Bernardo Faria

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Mastering one position on the ground is never enough, to be a complete fighter you must know how to move effectively from position, always progressing the fight to a better position before you secure a submission.


So much of BJJ is learning how to flow and transition, and now you can get the technique behind this skill with 5-time World Champion Bernardo Faria. BJJ Fanatics is Bernardo’s company, and growing the gentle art through teaching the best technique is one of his biggest missions.


Join Bernardo as he shows you everything you need to know about flowing and connecting your BJJ, going from the feet all the way to some of the most dominant positions in grappling, before finally securing the submission.


Bernardo Faria has always been one of the most strategic and technical fighters in the game, and he has designed all of his best jiu-jitsu around techniques and positions that don’t need you to be stronger, faster, taller, or more flexible than anyone.


Instead, everything he shows is based in technique and fundamental positioning. Across all four volumes of this new series, see all of the combinations and progressions that he has mastered in his time on the mat, with the little hidden details that he has discovered over the years. Little grips in a pass may completely change your submission options later, or how you come up on a sweep may leave you in a totally different pass than what you expected, but now all those transitions are here, fully explained in exact detail.

Transitioning the right way is as much a mindset as it is technique, so really listen in as Bernardo explains not just what he is doing, but why he is doing it. He used a really basic formula to rise to the highest levels of this sport, and you can use this same approach for a lot of success in your BJJ journey too.


Starting from the feet, get in depth on the half guard that so many black belts dreaded and the over-under pass that fits in like a one-two punch in boxing. If every move is a piece in a puzzle, and this instructional series is like finally having the full picture, from the feet all the way to the tap. Every chapter in this series adds onto the last, always giving one more transition so you can consistently be adding to your mat progressions.


The half guard is one of the most underratedly dynamic positions in BJJ, with a ton of attacks available for those willing to spend the time learning it. Dive in deep with one of the best ever at the position, seeing how each sweep connects immediately to its own exact passing sequence, and how each pass connects to the best possible control and submission opportunities.


Each reaction, whether it’s sprawling or pulling away, gives you a new set of moves that work best, including the famous Faria sweep from deep half guard that has never been broken down in so much detail. With this full system, you’ll never need to move backwards and reset, you’ll never be left without the next answer, you can stick to the transition gameplan as you find the stitching between moves that even black belts struggle with.

Some moves go together perfectly, like peanut butter and jelly. Deep half guard and the over under pass both use the same principles of control and pressure, meaning you can transition right from one to the next without issue, so long as your technique is crisp. Learn how to combine your half guard with an over under pass, and the right variation for the right situation. Depending on where you are, you may need a single leg sweep, a turkish get up, or a Faria sweep, and each one will give you a pass that works best. Each sweep leads to its own pass variation, including the folding pass, the over under, and the over under brother just for example. Using fundamental positioning, you can finally learn how to move from sweep to pass like a veteran grappler.


It’s not enough on the mat just to get to a good position, you have to do something with it. Once you are on top and through the guard, Bernardo explains the best ways he has found to move right to the mount or the back, and how he has finished so many fights over the years using simple techniques that he knows anyone can do. With efficiency, you too can find the chokes and armbars that can finish the fight in style and give you the win.


Every transition combination in this series starts on the feet, but in a lot of gyms the sparring usually starts more relaxed from the knees. So, after each section of this series, Bernardo goes through exactly how you can enter into this same system from the knees, pulling and sweeping in the same ways while adjusting for these changes. Starting low or starting high, you can still use these moves to optimize your BJJ and improve your level faster than ever!