The Belly Down Footlock From Single Leg X 2 DVD Set by Tarik Hopstock

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Learn the most modern single leg x system in competitive BJJ from world class brown-belt Tarik Hopstock, and counter any stand up passers in your gym or competitions. Tarik is one of the most innovative and unique grapplers in the game today, and his attacks and combinations from the single leg x will leave you one step ahead of everyone. Attack the ankles with the most devastating version of the straight ankle lock, the belly down footlock that Tarik has used to win some of the toughest tournaments in the world. This two-volume series can shut down every standing pass and give you a cutting edge single leg x.

Tarik Hopstock is one of the most innovative and technical competitors in the world, and was a double-medalist (weight class and absolute) at the IBJJF World Championship this year. His signature Tarikoplata has drawn praise from top fighters and coaches (including John Danaher) as a game-changer, and his single leg x game is his go-to guard. He uses his variation on the straight ankle lock along with a tricky lapel-reinforced single leg x to huge effect, and now you can see his never-before-seen secrets on this two-volume series.

The straight ankle lock is one of BJJ’s most underrated submissions, and now you can learn how to get every bit of leverage and power out of it with this belly down ankle lock masterclass. The ankle lock was thought to be a junk move for years, but just this year it was responsible for a 17-second submission in the black belt world finals. Now you can make all your training partners mad as you hop on their ankles and get quick taps using these systems from Tarik Hopstock.

Sweep and control any standing passer with precision and strategy, including the lapel system that has made Tarik’s guard impossible to pass. By combining sweeps, lapel attacks, and submission threats, you can make your single leg x into one of the most modern positions in BJJ, complete with back takes, worm guard transitions, and more. Learn the same guard that is lighting up the competition scene, from one of its masters.

Tarik Hopstock shares every hidden detail on how to supercharge your straight ankle lock and never have to pass the guard again. With this white belt-legal submission, you can change the way you fight from both top and bottom positions.

Volume 1

  • Intro
  • Leg Lock Drills
  • Foot Lock And Finishing Mechanics
  • Entry to Single Leg X
  • Reverse De La Riva Lapel Entry
  • Single Leg X Sweep to Ankle Lock
  • Backwards Roll Sweep
  • Switch to 50/50 Footlock
  • Shin to Shin Entry to Kneebar
  • Shin to Shin to Calf Slicer

Volume 2

  • Lapel Single Leg X
  • Backtake From Single Lapel X
  • Worm Roll
  • Lapel Single Leg X When Opponent Sits Down
  • Lapel Single Leg X When Opponent Rolls Forward
  • Toe Hold From Lapel Single Leg X
  • Lapel Single Leg X to Kneebar
  • Same Side Lapel to Sweep With Lock

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