Gangster Grappling 4 DVD Set by Chael Sonnen

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Chael Sonnen is a household name in the MMA community, and it is for a very simple reason - he talks a big game, and then he backs it up


Chael has been training for mixed martial arts since its early days, and rose with the sport to main events being part of some of the biggest shows of all time against some of the greatest fighters to ever compete. Before that, he was an NCAA All American wrestler for Oregon State and a USA Wrestling Olympic Alternate in Greco-Roman Wrestling.


He has lived and breathed fighting for decades, and it has always been with the same game plan: Take people down and make their lives miserable. He has traveled the world, trained with some of the best coaches, and tested and refined his game against the best he could find. Now he is sharing those grappling hacks with the world on his 4-volume set, Gangster Grappling: Using Wrestling Techniques To Dominate Jiu-Jitsu Opponents.


Rolling with a wrestler can feel night and day different from rolling with another standard BJJ guy in your gym. The movement, pace, and style is so different, it can be hard to keep up, even for an experienced fighter. That’s because wrestlers have made a career out of building different moves and reactions that most BJJ guys never consider, so when you do come across them you are left trying catch up. Now you can turn those tricks around and use them to your advantage with Chael’s help, as you see the ways that he has mixed BJJ and wrestling to form his own unique style.


The Chael Sonnen blueprint is really pretty simple at its base: take the person down, smash through the guard, and start hunting for chokes and joint locks. This is the formula that he has used to fight more world champions than anyone else, with incredible and consistent success. See the techniques that brought us epic main events like the vice-like Guillotine that he used to choke Shogun Rua unconscious, or the throws and passes he used to edge out greats like Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva. In fact, Chael is so confident in these BJJ hacks that he has competed at the highest levels of submission grappling, including 3 trips to ADCC, where he has always won in the early rounds and a huge win in a Superfight where he defeated the legend Leo Viera in 2017.