X-Guard & Beyond DVD by Jon Satava

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Build on your foundation and bring your X-Guard game to a new level!

Jonathan Satava is back and is super excited to share with you his highest percentage reversals from the X-Guard and One-Leg X. This instructional picks up where "Foundation X” left off. Professor Satava focuses on how to use the traditional X-Guard and the One-Leg X together to make your bottom game dynamic and unstoppable.

Jonathan goes into details about guard retention, entries, and the concept of "action/reaction" in Jiu Jitsu to create off balancing movements so that you can sweep your opponent with ease. If you liked "Foundation X” this a great addition to your library.


  1. One-Leg X Entry | Seated
  2. One-Leg X Entry | Standing
  3. One-Leg X Entry | Shin To Shin
  4. Basic Sweep
  5. Lapel Grip| Technical Standup
  6. Lapel Grip | Technical Standup Foot Sweep
  7. Knee Down Kick Over
  8. One-Leg X Entry | Half Butterfly
  9. One-Leg X Entry | De La Riva
  10. Pant Grip Modified X | Technical Stand Up
  11. Pant Grip Modified X | Technical Stand Up 2
  12. One-Leg X Entry | Shin To Shin Vs Aggressive Opponent
  13. X Guard Entry Vs Aggressive Opponent
  14. One-Leg X Entry | Deep Half
  15. One-Leg X Guard Reset
  16. Leg Shelf Reversal
  17. Countering | Rolling Toe Hold
  18. Countering | Leg Drag Pass
  19. Countering | Back Step Pass
  20. Countering | Back Step Pass 2
  21. Back Step Double
  22. Double Collar Grip Over Head Sweep
  23. One-Leg X Knock Back
  24. Shin To Shin | Bear Trap
  25. Shin To Shin | Back Take
  26. Shin To Shin | Knee Bar
  27. Trouble Shooting | Grip Breaking
  28. Trouble Shooting | High Step
  29. Trouble Shooting | Transitioning
  30. Trouble Shooting | Transitioning 2
  31. Modified X Overhead Sweep
  32. Full X Toe Hold
  33. Belt Grip Get Up | Hip Lock Takedown
  34. Mat Return Suplex
  35. Full X Entry Closed Guard
  36. Drills 1
  37. Drills 2