Authentic Pressure Points DVD 5: Grappling by Scott Rogers

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AUTHENTIC PRESSURE POINTS with MASTER SCOTT ROGERS Proven Kyushojutsu techniques that will disable any attacker regardless of martial arts discipline. Taught from hands on experience not theory.

Scott Rogers is a 4th Dan Black Belt Master Rank in Okinawan Kempo and an expert in Kyushojutsu. He has also attained a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Taekwondo, 1st Dan Black Belt in Japanese Taijutsu. He has also cross-trained in several other arts most notably Western Boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He has studied under several 9th and10th degree Grandmasters most notably George A Dillman (Ryukyu Kempo) and Suh Chong Kang (Taekwondo)

Learn how to enhance many holds and locks, some very unique pressure point takedowns, as well as unique pressure point methods for escaping the mount and the guard positions. You will also learn several ways to counter the infamous shoot and how to use pressure points to turn it to your advantage. If you have never grappled before these techniques will help you defend yourself if you find yourself in the unfortunate position to be on the ground in a street fight. (Real knockouts included)

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