Macebell Strength Training Basics DVD with Jake Shannon

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Think you know what to do with the Macebell? Just wait until you see this BRAND NEW DVD, you'll may very well cancel your gym membership in lieu of your trusty Macebell!

"Jake, this DVD is great. By watching it one time, I was able to improve my form on conventional swings and 10 & 2's right away. It's amazing how much more effective these movements are when you are able to do them using the proper technique, instead of trying to just muscle them around. I enjoy swinging as a supplement to my grip training routine, but I also love using it on my upper body days for an intense finisher. I suggest anybody else who wants to learn how to do these techniques the right way without getting hurt pick up your DVD right away, instead of wasting time like I did. Pick it up today and get to work, guys!"

P.S. I have worked with many strength coaches on swinging this style of implement and they love them too!

Jedd Johnson, CSCS Gripaholic

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